The Short Version

The FREE PROGRAM PACKAGE, which includes the Theophilos program and a collection of free Bibles and reference materials, is distributed as FREEWARE. We hold the copyright, which means we decide how it can be distributed, but we allow you to download it at no charge. We encourage you to distribute the FREE PROGRAM PACKAGE, unaltered, to others (subject to some small limitations which are described below).

You may not distribute any of our other products, even those we offer at no charge, without our permission. We're pretty nice folks and will usually let you redistribute the free products if you ask. Just send us an email.

You can install the software you download or purchase from us on any computer that you personally own and use. If you are a corporation or a church that owns lots of computers, contact us about site licensing. Again, we're all for getting the word out, so just ask.

We all know that using software and computers is a dangerous activity. Data can be lost, misfiled, or damaged. We don't intentionally write our software in a way that causes you to lose data, but as with any program you install, you should keep adequate back-ups so you can restore important files in the event of something unexpected.

The Long Version



The Theophilos™ program is copyright © 1997-2007 by Theophilos Bible Software LLC. All Rights Reserved. "Theophilos" and "Jumplist" are trademarks of Theophilos Bible Software LLC. The electronic form of the ADD-ON products at this site are copyright © 1997-2007 by Theophilos Bible Software LLC unless otherwise attributed. The content of the ADD-ON products are owned by their respective owners as detailed in the documentation that accompanies those products.

The PROGRAM is free for personal use only. You may freely distribute the PROGRAM to others only in the original and unmodified FREE PROGRAM PACKAGE but you may not charge any fee for the distribution thereof regardless of your distribution media and costs. Such distribution on any tangible media (such as CD-ROM, DVD, etc.) is limited to one hundred (100) copies in any twelve (12) month period. Our intention is to allow you to share the FREE PROGRAM PACKAGE with others but not to use your right to do so for profit, either directly or indirectly. If you have a need to distribute the FREE PROGRAM PACKAGE on tangible media in excess of one hundred (100) copies per year, please contact us. We're sure we can work something out.

You may NOT copy or distribute the LIBRARY CD or any ADD-ON products (even those that are available for no charge at our site). If you are an individual (not a corporation, church, or other non-personal entity) you are allowed to install the PROGRAM and ADD-ONs on as many computers as you personally own and use. Corporations, churches, and other non-personal entities should contact us about installing on more than two (2) computers owned by the entity. Of course you may (and should) make back-up copies to protect your investment. And you can sell your personal LIBRARY CD to another person. You just can't make duplicates of the LIBRARY CD and sell those.


When you purchase a product from us you are purchasing a license to use the product subject to the terms of this agreement. You are not purchasing any ownership rights in the product. Ownership and copyrights are retained by the COMPANY and are granted to you only to the extent you see in this agreement.


The PROGRAM and ADD-ONs are provided on an "as-is" basis, without warranty of any kind. Using software from any vendor is a risky activity. You should make back-ups of any valuable data on your computer, and any data you create with the PROGRAM. Our responsibility in any and all cases is to replace copies of the PROGRAM or ADD-ON products that are lost or destroyed through our negligence. Beyond that it's your responsibility to practice safe computing. Not that we think anything is going to go wrong; just that we can't be responsible for your lack of back-ups and protection against unforseen problems.

January 1, 2007