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Our award winning Bible software Theophilos has become one of the most popular Bible study packages on the market today. The many advanced features are being enjoyed by many thousands of users around the globe...
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Narrations by Stephen Jones will attract not just the little ones. The greatest passages of the Bible will come to life through the smooth voice of the professional narrator. You will experience the power of hearing the Word of God.

Attracting children audiences to the Bible has never been easier. Multimedia narrations are complete with famous illustrations by Gustav Doré to light up the eyes of the little ones. Every picture is linked with the text of the appropriate Biblical story. Total of 213 illustrations are on the CD.

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Part of your Bible study are high quality maps that will show you Abraham's journey, wanderings of Israel, Paul's missionary journeys and much, much more.

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Kerry Livgren is a former member of the rock music band Kansas. Today he is one of the most popular christian music performers dedicated to further the Gospel of Christ through quality music. You can enjoy 10 of his songs in CD quality on Theophilos Library CD.

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