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with features you wouldn't expect to find in a free program


Theophilos is a fast and effective way to explore God's word. It comes packed with powerful features that you wouldn’t expect to find in a free program. In fact, you are receiving a package of great value that can grow with your desire to study God's Word.

What will you get?

The free download of Theophilos comes complete with the following:

Where can you get it?

Download the free Theophilos package with the contents described above. Or purchase one of our CD-ROM collections. The CD-ROM versions give you more multimedia content, a selection of reference materials to match your needs, and a number of additional titles that can be unlocked for a reasonable fee. Either way, once you have the Theophilos program you can populate your library from the selection of Bibles and books in our Online Library. Most titles are free. Those for which we have to pay royalties to the author or publisher are available more reasonably here than you'll find from any other Bible software company.

What can you do with it?

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