Be an author today!

Many have asked for a way to be able to import text into our Theophilos Bible Software. We have taken this request a little further and created a full featured authoring tool with ability to create add-on modules of all types*. This means that with Scribe for Theophilos you will be able to create unlimited number of dictionaries, commentaries, writings, topic books or note sets from text you already have in your word processor or from some other source. Once the module is created all you will have to do is copy it to the Theophilos program folder and restart Theophilos! Your module will then be accessible from the menu and ready to be used as any other add-on in Theophilos.

Until the release of Scribe for Theophilos most modules could be obtained only from us on CD. This tool will radicaly change this situation since with it everybody including you can produce add-on modules for Theophilos and distribute them over Internet or by any other means. Considering that Theophilos Bible Software is being used by so many thousands of people today it is a solid platform for sharing your work. In addition to your own texts that you would like to share or distribute there are multitudes of texts in public domain**. You may find these texts in electronic form on Internet, bulletin boards and other sources. With these new possibilities we think that Scribe for Theophilos is an ideal companion to our free Bible software and a must have for every scholar, missionary, pastor, Bible teacher and serious Bible student.

* with the exception of Bible versions
** copyrights have expired to these texts so they may be freely used and distributed

Just imagine:

The possibilities are endless...

Basic or Professional version?

You decide how far you wish to take your development of modules for Theophilos. We have an easy licensing and distribution policy for our Theophilos Bible software for all interested companies and individuals and this creates an excellent opportunity to think about publishing your own CD-ROM products with your selection of modules along with Theophilos reader engine (if you have questions about licensing Theophilos for distribution, please contact us). A question of protecting your work will arise if you plan to publish your work to which you own copyright, especially if you plan to collect license fees.

Theophilos Bible software offers you the possibility to copy-protect your work and distribute add-ons created by Scribe in a locked state either on a CD or Internet. Such add-ons cannot be accessed by Theophilos program and since the content of modules is encrypted they are unusable in other software. The user of your add-on modules will be required to register and cover all applicable fees. You will in turn supply unlock code for the module (or set of modules). In addition you may decide to limit the export and printing of text from Theophilos.

The Basic license of Scribe will usually be sufficient for most users that wish to create and publish add-ons for personal use or public distribution without any charges. If you think about getting serious about publishing for Theophilos platform we recommend the Professional license allowing you to access Scribe's module-locking and protection capabilities.

Why wait any longer?

Be an author today. Download your evaluation copy of Scribe for Theophilos now. Purchase a registration code here to unlock its full power of add-on module creation. Price of the Basic registration is $29.95, Professional registration is $99.95.