NASB with Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek Dictionaries

The popular New American Standard Bible is now available for Theophilos with the words of Christ in red color  and with the Hebrew and Greek numbering, references and notes system. Together with the Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek Dictionaries from The Lockman Foundation this makes the NASB the first choice for all serious students of God's Word.

The NASB with Hebrew and Greek numbering, references and notes and the NASB Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek Dictionaries are available for Theophilos in a downloadable Bible package or on the Theophilos Library CD (Scholar Edition).

La Biblia de las Américas

This contemporary Spanish translation of the Bible from The Lockman Foundation is now available for Theophilos with the words of Christ in red color and with the references and notes. The LBLA is an original work translated from the Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek directly into modern Spanish. Following the same principles of translation set for the NASB La Biblia de las Américas is understandable to the general public and also suitable for serious study. Read more about LBLA here.

The LBLA with references and notes is available for Theophilos in a downloadable Bible package or on the Theophilos Library CD (Scholar Edition).

The official Theophilos Online Library is here!

Well, here you have it. Now you can download all you want for your Theophilos. All Theophilos add-on modules, which were until now available only on our Theophilos Library CD are now available for download also. Except for some extra stuff like the multimedia narrations, illustrations, Kerry Livgren's music, the Executable Outlines and maps you can download everything. Many add-on modules in our Theophilos Online Library are free while for some an unlock code must be purchased. You may find this to be a welcome alternative to ordering a CD if you only need to add few works to your Theophilos library.

With the introduction of the Theophilos Online Library, we will try to resume the work started with the Theophilos eGroup's library. Most of the files uploaded to the former library are now available here. You will find them in the "USER UPLOADS" section. If you have some modules for Theophilos and you would like to make them available to all users of Theophilos, you can offer them through the new Theophilos Online Library. For more information and questions relating to the Theophilos Online Library, installation of add-ons, uploading and more, please visit the FAQ page.

New Testament by W. Tyndale (1526) and Tyndale (Rogers, Coverdale) Bible with variants available for download

This rare English translation was originally in Chapter - paragraph form. Now divided into standard verse form and brought into modern spelling while retaining archaics for edification. The complete Bible with Old and New testaments contains also divers revision renderings. These Bible modules for Theophilos were made available by Mr. Mario Valente from

You can download these and other free Theophilos modules from our Theophilos Online Library

Theophilos Library CD 3 Updated Edition

This updated edition of Theophilos Library CD contains more than 40 updated or new materials in a total of 100 titles. If you are an owner of any previous edition of Theophilos Library CD you automatically qualify for our special upgrade offer. Read more about the new Theophilos Library CD.

English Standard Version (ESV) available for download

The English Standard Version, the latest important addition to the list of contemporary English Bible translations, is now also available for Theophilos. ESV is bound to become the most popular Bible version today because it uniquely combines the readability of the New International Version with the scholarly accuracy of the New American Standard Bible. Thus it is equally suitable for daily reading, teaching as well as deep study of the Bible. To learn more about the ESV please click here.

After you purchase an unlock code you can download the Theophilos edition of ESV with Christ's words in red color, cross-references, notes and chapter headings from our Theophilos Online Library.

Theophilos Audio Bible CD

For many years Alexander Scourby has been known as the "Voice of the Bible". His famous Bible narration has been making a difference in lives of many millions of people all over the world. We are very happy to be able to offer you this legendary masterpiece as part of our Theophilos Bible Software. The entire Bible with over 72 hours of audio is available on a single CD-ROM for a price you won't believe. We are quite confident that you will not find a better value at any price... More
Order now for only $49.95

ACU Press releases their second CD title with Theophilos

Abilene Christian University Press has released a complete set of Old Testament and New Testament commentaries by Dr. James Burton Coffman on their second CD title using Theophilos 3.0. The CD contains many other study materials besides the Coffman commentaries including several Bible translations making it a complete Bible study tool. The CD can be purchased at Christian bookstores or from ACU Press. For more information and ordering please contact Abilene Christian University Press directly.

New American Standard Bible

This Bible translation is famous for its accuracy and consistency with the original languages and is highly recommended by Bible teachers for serious Bible study. NASB is available on Student and Scholar Editions of Theophilos Library CD.

Theophilos Library CD

If you like our program and you appreciate the free package, but want to have more study materials, you may want to order our Theophilos Library CD. Current CD is our third release and it comes PACKED with 27 Bibles, 40 reference and study titles, multimedia narrations, illustrations, maps and Christian music... More
Order now for as low as $19.95

New Theophilos 3.0

If you never used Theophilos before be prepared for a pleasant surprise. But even if you are a long time user you may find yourself sitting on the edge of your chair while exploring the features of the new Theophilos. We think that this latest version of Theophilos is a breakthrough among Bible study tools available today. Just consider new HTML support. Theophilos is the first Bible software with its own built-in HTML viewer. Links can be added to your HTML source to open Bibles or other documents in Theophilos. All is nicely integrated with the rest of the library. Think of the possibilities. Hyperlinks and text formatting in Theophilos documents will make your e-texts come to life. Authors will love these new features. With the new reusable windows you will never run out of desktop space. Library Manager will allow you to manage the ever growing library of available add-on modules according to your personal preference. These are just few of the many new features. Many more are waiting for you in the new Theophilos 3.0. So go ahead, download now and enjoy it.

Additional language plug-ins

Many new language plug-ins have been created by the users of Theophilos. These localizations will allow Theophilos to communicate in your native tongue. New localizations are always welcome... Click here for free download

Theophilos e-Group Add-On Library

Theophilos Bible Software is becoming increasingly popular and according to our reports tens of thousands of people around the globe are enjoying its advanced features. Since it is possible to create custom add-on modules with the authoring tool Scribe for Theophilos and distribute them to many thousands of users, more and more are getting involved and are taking advantage of this unique opportunity. Some members of Theophilos e-Group have even created a site that serves as Theophilos Add-On exchange. Here you are able not only to download many add-on modules but also contribute your own and thus promote your work to the whole Theophilos community! This makes Theophilos an unsurpassed public platform in Bible software for easy and affordable electronic publishing. Never has there been such flexibility and wide acceptance of Bible software, so why don't you take advantage of it? Visit Theophilos e-Group Add-On Library now.

New Scribe Toolbar 2.4 for MS Word

Creation of richly formatted modules for Theophilos 3.0 just got much easier! With the new Scribe Toolbar for MS Word 97/2000 you will posses the creative power over your electronic documents taking full advantage of new formatting capabilities of Theophilos 3.0. The new Scribe Toolbar 2.4 written by Edward W. Bihary, Jr. is a complete replacement of our original Scribe Toolbar 1.0. Click here for free download.

WWW resource page for French speaking Theophilos users

If French is your native tongue and you would like to make the most out of using Theophilos we recommend to visit for more French add-ons. The site has been launched only recently so expect to find only few titles, but be sure to visit regularly as the library of available French modules will grow.

Theophilos site for Polish users launched

In cooperation with our Polish brethren we have launched a Polish version of Theophilos site. This site is not just a translation of our English content, but an independently managed center for all Polish Theophilos users. Here you can download modules in Polish language, Polish Bibles and we are working also on a special Polish edition of the Library CD. Technical support in your native language is also available. Click here to go to Theophilos Polska.

Henter-Joyce, Inc. adds built-in support for Theophilos into their product

Henter-Joyce, Inc., makers of the leading screen reader software for the blind - Jaws for Windows, has agreed to include built-in support for Theophilos Bible Software with future releases of Jaws. We think this is a remarkable victory not only for Theophilos but also for the entire Christian community, since it is not quite common that a commercial software company adds direct support for Christian software into their product. The next release of Jaws 3.7 scheduled for this summer will already include support for Theophilos 3.0 Omega. May the name of the Lord be glorified! We thank all that have made this possible.

Update: We were informed that Jaws for Windows is now being developed by Freedom Scientific Inc.

ACU Press adopts Theophilos technology

Abilene Christian University Press has released their first CD-ROM product titled "James Burton Coffman's Bible Study Library". This product takes advantage of Theophilos technology and features Dr. Coffman's commentaries on the New Testament among other resources. ACU is a Christian university with a mission to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.